Let’s Talk About Me

Give me a couple of minutes to talk about me. I don’t think this is my last post about myself, but bear with me and you’ll notice that, like you, I am a human being too. My weirdness comes from many places; many worlds scattered within different parallel universes that belong to a certain individual I call…

Just forgot, I just wanted to talk about me, and I’m still wasting our times thinking about fiction and fantasy. Long story short, everything comes from books I’ve read, video games I’ve played, and shapes in the sky and dirt. Maybe this is not weird at all, many people probably do that but they don’t want to admit it. Society doesn’t want weird people in the end. Society only wants you to obey and follow rules that weren’t even written in laws. Dress like this, do that and kneel down before a company until you retire. I’m not here to judge, we all need jobs to pay our bills, right? Then, they say we bite the hand that feeds us if we complain just a bit, but from my point of view, we employees feed the company. You may correct me if I am wrong if you please.

Nice, I talked about me a little. However, there’s more I need… want to tell you: my name is Jesus, just like this page says. Nice to meet you all. I started this blog just for fun and tell some stories and random stuff that had been stuck in my head for a while. For now, I don’t have the resources to make illustrations for each story, and drawing is not one of my talents. Also, I remember that a few years ago, I had a blog in Spanish, my native language. Now that I am a student in the United States of America, I decided to start all over again; try to do everything and learn English in so many ways. It’s just my second year, and I still suffer when I try to communicate with non-Spanish speakers, and it gets worse when I get nervous for any reason. Put me in front of a class or a bunch of people if you want me to die scared. This is the funny part, though, I’m majoring music, fall ’15 is my second semester and obviously I’ll have to play in front of people. With an extra push and many eyes forcing me to do it, I am going to overcome that fear. In the meantime, some of my classmates may laugh, and that’ll be okay. A new experience to be added in my invisible diary.

This is short, and that’s all I wanted to talk about for now. I may not make any sense, combining different topics in some post called” Let’s Talk About Me”. Don’t judge me, I just wanted to introduce myself to you, person who found my blog and took a few minutes to read my stuff. I thank you, kindly.

I don’t know, like I’ve said, this is just and introduction. Other day I might tell you another uninteresting fact.


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