Spanish Announcement… in English

I mentioned on Let’s Talk About Me that my native language is Spanish, yes, but I forgot to mention that I have two published indie books on Amazon dot com. Well, just one, I removed the first one since I plan to start writing in this language from now on. However, one of many things I learned thanks to good people and facts, is that we should complete all the circles we draw; if you start something, at least finish it. If you fail, you can learn from it and do something different, that’s progress. Many scientists have done a lot for humanity with trial and error. That applies of course to arts, and many other things in life.

This is why I decided to start my last work in Spanish. Something happened with my previous short stories, characters, and places I created… when I formatted my old laptop (I deserve a punch). Fortunately for me, a very small fragment of those Spanish old stories were saved in one of my drives. Is not much, it is really a small part of it, but I can actually start working with it.

All my work was removed and that’s why I gave up the idea of my novel. Now, I have found part of it, even a fragment, will help me to put an end to that circle, start writing, and do my best to publish my first and last novel in Spanish. And the same with all my projects, such as this blog, my music, and my books in English once I get more experience with this language.

By the way, my indie book available is called Un Camino a Seguir, and it’s a collection of my old short stories.

Thank you for reading!


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