Dream, Only Dream

“Hello.” you heard a voice from afar. “You’ve promised to come here.”

A high pitch voice you can’t tell if it comes from a girl or a little kid who is trying to annoy the hell out of you. Keep sleeping, the sun is kicking you already, but the bed is really comfortable. The alarm is off, I remember you are free today, aren’t you? Lucky bastard, most people are preparing themselves for their daily work while you have at least two days to rest; your bills are the only responsibility that you have. Do not worry about the world, it’s just you and these walls around you. Turn on your TV or the radio, just listen to the news you don’t give a shit about. Opportunities are everywhere but there’s no need to take them. Earning enough money to cover all your needs will suffice.

“Let’s be real.” Said someone long ago. “No one can live of dreams.”

At first, you doubted in yourself for years. Every word you said was received by laughs and sarcastic comments. And they happened to be right all along; working hard is not an option, just get the first opportunity because the easiest way to go is the best. Never risk anything and be afraid of fail. If you fail once, that means you are nothing. You’ll be no one. Human progress is synonym of employee. Remember that all successful businesses are part of some conspiracy cult, and your heart can’t carry the lives of people; so be once yourself; stay below the average life.

“Hello. Please answer me.” Again with that voice. It sounds really different, though. The time goes really fast, it will never stop. Make a choice, answer to that voice that sounds more adult now. So it was a boy and now he became a teenager, that’s really weird. How long has it been since you heard him last time? Well, don’t use your brain on irrelevant things. It’s time to think what to do about your life. Ignore everything that happens. You have always done that and now it’s time to give another step. Stop saying excuses. It’s funny to remember when the first excuses came to avoid school and work for a day or two. Your case is really different, putting excuses to not do the things you dreamed all your life. Wanted independence, you got it but now you can’t do it because you’re tired, and you work really hard, it’s understandable. But you never feel tired when your hobbies came, right?

Your path has been written already. Keep dreaming all your life, that’s all you can do; a person with no will is going to be forgotten in no time. Feel good because you won’t fail at anything or receive any humiliation. No one will know anything about you. Keep dreaming, never answer to that voice that long ago had a dream that wanted to become reality.

Keep dreaming, but only dreaming.


A Purpose in Life

Many people, after all these years wondering about life. All the time wasted trying to find a book or a sheet where our purpose in life is supposedly written. It’s the time, days, weeks, months, and years of just wondering what’s going to happen with all of us, or what are we supposed to do, instead of start writing that very purpose from scratch. Let’s pay attention to our surroundings; what are we doing now, and why there are many options to get to one place or another. Try to get a coffee, the most delicious one you want; you’re not going to a coffee shop near your house, you’ll probably go somewhere else to get it. How about a career? Is anyone pushing your way through something you are destined to do your whole life? Maybe your parents but remember they came from a time when most people were just a bunch of fuck retards. They may love you, yes, but it doesn’t mean their stupidity couldn’t lead you to failure and complete unhappiness.

Heaven, it’s a word that we always hear every time people feel down. I guess many really need to believe there’s something beyond death to find consolation. You didn’t do anything in life; you might do something when the “final judgment” arrives. Nice thoughts, my tears will be unstoppable from now on. I pity you. That’s your choice, however. Feel good because something’s waiting for you out there. Stop living your life, there’s no point. Start crossing the street without any care of yourself. Your destiny has been written already, isn’t? Why are you so afraid of walking by the streets alone at 12:00am? Nothing is going to happen that is not already written. Maybe there’s a page about someone that’s going to find the love of his or her life in a dark alley. Who knows?

As for me, I don’t think there’s a book already written with our fate. It’s up to each person to start writing their pages. Just like a diary works, but in real life. Your acts along the way will define where you are heading to. And your decisions will also affect, even if you just thought that you’d get away with anything without being noticed by your own ways. Is it there something that is already written? Maybe death is something you are destined to. But also death is not something that has been written; you don’t know the way it’s going to come. A cycle of life, and that’s it. A disappointment should come by expecting a gray bearded old man waiting up above with arms wide open. Kind of weird when that entity has been described a lot like a ruthless asshole. However, people seem to like being treated as idiots. That’s fine to me unless they try to come with a sign of “love” and their loud words that are overshadowed by their actions. How hypocrite of them. Not very surprising, though. The only thing I’m always wondering, and I am sure I’ll die the same way, is that why they lie themselves? If there is a freewill, why they still think as if they don’t have any choices?

A book of life; an instruction book that we can never find. That’s what I always hear around me. Is there any real purpose in life? Life would be much easier, but it would not be worth living. What a waste of time living if everything has been already decided. Let’s see, if I yell “fuck you, God” he’d come as a little girl to overwrite his own pages? But that was also a part of something he wrote, doesn’t it? I guess I won’t find any answer until the day I face Him, or just disappear from this world into nothingness.