The End With You

I’ve been listening to the same radio station all day, waiting for something new. I can’t deny when my favorite songs are being played I get really excited, but that’s not the point of my life. There’s something I’ve been looking for; the mystery of what could it be is the problem. Don’t we all have some kind of purpose? No one knows, and many just don’t care. I do, though, and waking up without knowledge of it really frustrates me. Maybe I’m just a useless person, like a huge percentage of Earth’s population –not counting the animals, they play an important part in nature–, if at least I’d be able to see my many possibilities. My job is so repetitive, I can’t barely pay my bills, and I lack of imagination to start anything by myself. Is it a person who am I looking for? I get bored real quick of my friends, how can I even think of a living human other than myself? Being alone is a gift; please, don’t try to tell me I’m wrong because I am not. The privilege of something like this, when just a bunch of people know your name or face is something difficult to gain. Try to play hero all the time, and everyone will forget everything about you within days. Oh, but don’t you dare to make one single mistake because your face will be stalled forever in someone else’s mind. So tell me how am I wrong by wanting to be alone all the time.

I got to admit, though; when the sunlight hid from us, since last year, I had met this woman, whom I’m not going to name now because it’s not important now. Everything has an end, and this ended after a few months. Allow me to explain myself before going further to that end. The sky has been clouded for some reason. Here, where I live, was not very common to get many clouds; it was always sunny and hot as hell. And now, we haven’t seen the sun in more than a year; I can’t deny it feels better like this, but it is also abnormal, and I don’t need to tell that we have more than an idiot screaming about Judgement Day. I guess this should have been expected, so I’m not angry, I just watch the news and let the world go whatever they want. We’ve just had clouds, anyways, Heaven is not falling, as far as I know.

Let’s talk about this woman, then. Her name doesn’t matter; she wasn’t very pretty but had her charm and brains. I met her a few days after the sky was covered, during a festival that was held at a college close to my house. I had nothing to do, they’ve had free food so nothing says ‘come here’ better than anything that is free. Honestly, I didn’t see anything that caught my interest; a few displays by design students stopped me for two or three minutes, and that was it. Not sure if anyone noticed my obvious lack of interest because no one tried to tell me anything about the other projects around the campus; they just passed me over. Then I saw a girl sitting by herself, eating a slice of pizza, watching our surroundings with a bored face. She seemed like me in terms of mood, I approached her. We had a long conversation, when I thought we would get bored from the first minutes. She gave me her number and I called her three days later to see if we could hang out. Honestly, I never had such fun in many years. We laughed at our jokes, we talked about a lot of different things. Our ideals are very different, but for some reason we managed to get along pretty well. Not going to waste my time telling you the obvious, we were meant to each other.

However, circumstances crossed out paths, and I’ve had to choose between my own safety and hers. Rioters started plaguing our streets as the Judgement Day comes by. Drops of water fell from the clouds, announcing heavy rain. Cultists and scared people tried to seek forgiveness; because you know, their actions are stronger than words until something they’re afraid of comes. Death or God Himself. Before that, those cultists called Christians are somewhat ‘lawful criminals’. The best ones point their fingers; the others make everything to take out the right to not believe in God. Some of them would even kill because everyone must feel the Almighty’s love.

That girl and I, we had something in common: both atheists, but we never told anyone if we weren’t asked, just to avoid any conflict. And that’s exactly what happened when that weird guy asked us if we are believers. He seemed like a nice guy who wanted to start a regular conversation about religion. I should’ve thought the situation was the worst to talk about it. We both said no, and his smile disappeared quickly. He left without a word, at first we said he must have been a weirdo… and we were right. One hour later, he came back with more followers with sticks and stones. We tried so hard to run away from them, but it looked like ignorance gave a lot of energy to their bodies.

She couldn’t run more. Even the rainy weather got us tired. I wanted to look for her, unfortunately, my life was in danger, too. I left her for the cultists to make their horrible deeds, while I watched from afar, hidden in an alley as the sticks and stones teared up her skin and crushed bones to death. The only thing I am grateful for is that her screams didn’t last long. Guess I can say she didn’t suffer much.

What made me really angry, though, is when the rain stopped. They looked up at the sky, as if it was a miracle given to those assholes for getting rid of a non-believer. They hugged each other, laughing, and taking hands thanking Him for something meant to happen from the beginning. It was only rain, not Judgement Day. As long as the clouds remain covering the sun, this is going to get worse.

Now, I didn’t get close to her body after the cultists left. I can’t deny that I made something coward. I got feelings for her, but my need for survival is bigger than any sentimentalism, and I… or we all shouldn’t be ashamed of. I just wonder if it doesn’t make me be on the same level as them. I am sorry Judgement Day really came for you.


Spanish Announcement… in English

I mentioned on Let’s Talk About Me that my native language is Spanish, yes, but I forgot to mention that I have two published indie books on Amazon dot com. Well, just one, I removed the first one since I plan to start writing in this language from now on. However, one of many things I learned thanks to good people and facts, is that we should complete all the circles we draw; if you start something, at least finish it. If you fail, you can learn from it and do something different, that’s progress. Many scientists have done a lot for humanity with trial and error. That applies of course to arts, and many other things in life.

This is why I decided to start my last work in Spanish. Something happened with my previous short stories, characters, and places I created… when I formatted my old laptop (I deserve a punch). Fortunately for me, a very small fragment of those Spanish old stories were saved in one of my drives. Is not much, it is really a small part of it, but I can actually start working with it.

All my work was removed and that’s why I gave up the idea of my novel. Now, I have found part of it, even a fragment, will help me to put an end to that circle, start writing, and do my best to publish my first and last novel in Spanish. And the same with all my projects, such as this blog, my music, and my books in English once I get more experience with this language.

By the way, my indie book available is called Un Camino a Seguir, and it’s a collection of my old short stories.

Thank you for reading!

Let’s Talk About Me

Give me a couple of minutes to talk about me. I don’t think this is my last post about myself, but bear with me and you’ll notice that, like you, I am a human being too. My weirdness comes from many places; many worlds scattered within different parallel universes that belong to a certain individual I call…

Just forgot, I just wanted to talk about me, and I’m still wasting our times thinking about fiction and fantasy. Long story short, everything comes from books I’ve read, video games I’ve played, and shapes in the sky and dirt. Maybe this is not weird at all, many people probably do that but they don’t want to admit it. Society doesn’t want weird people in the end. Society only wants you to obey and follow rules that weren’t even written in laws. Dress like this, do that and kneel down before a company until you retire. I’m not here to judge, we all need jobs to pay our bills, right? Then, they say we bite the hand that feeds us if we complain just a bit, but from my point of view, we employees feed the company. You may correct me if I am wrong if you please.

Nice, I talked about me a little. However, there’s more I need… want to tell you: my name is Jesus, just like this page says. Nice to meet you all. I started this blog just for fun and tell some stories and random stuff that had been stuck in my head for a while. For now, I don’t have the resources to make illustrations for each story, and drawing is not one of my talents. Also, I remember that a few years ago, I had a blog in Spanish, my native language. Now that I am a student in the United States of America, I decided to start all over again; try to do everything and learn English in so many ways. It’s just my second year, and I still suffer when I try to communicate with non-Spanish speakers, and it gets worse when I get nervous for any reason. Put me in front of a class or a bunch of people if you want me to die scared. This is the funny part, though, I’m majoring music, fall ’15 is my second semester and obviously I’ll have to play in front of people. With an extra push and many eyes forcing me to do it, I am going to overcome that fear. In the meantime, some of my classmates may laugh, and that’ll be okay. A new experience to be added in my invisible diary.

This is short, and that’s all I wanted to talk about for now. I may not make any sense, combining different topics in some post called” Let’s Talk About Me”. Don’t judge me, I just wanted to introduce myself to you, person who found my blog and took a few minutes to read my stuff. I thank you, kindly.

I don’t know, like I’ve said, this is just and introduction. Other day I might tell you another uninteresting fact.